Movers Of Crazy Monkey – Simon

We call him ‘the friendly’ giant. Nobody has ever seen him entering our doors without a smile and a happy hello. You might only see a frown on his face during a moment of play, but not because he does not like it, it’s because he is critical of his developm[..]

Movers Of Crazy Monkey – Laura

She is of a special kind. Going into the direction she fears the most. Always realising that there is a process and trusting that process. And when the challenge asks for it, she does not run, she remains. When she came in, it was a different story, but now she is the first[..]

Tribe Of Movers – Crazy Monkey Is Making Moves

The time has come, the Crazy Monkey Tribe is moving. You know the reason why we are going to leave our old spot has to be a good one. And it is! It means you will get a bigger, better movement facility. One that will breathe movement from the moment you enter the room. Does [..]

Tribe Of Movers – Ziggo Tv Nienke Plas

For Ziggo Tv, Nienke Plas visited the Crazy Monkey Studio. Although she started out with a healthy dose of scepticism, she quickly realised that Movement was unlike anything she had done before. Working and exploring some of the layers of the practice such as: coordination,[..]

Movers Of Crazy Monkey – Bruno

He is one of the few people who gets stronger in every second that passes in a horse stance. Always on time for class. Play a game with him and you will get the full experience of competition. A game with him never stops, except when you buy him a watermelon in which case he[..]

Tribe Of Movers – Interview With Thomas

For magazine ZOZ – Zie Oud Zuid, Tatum Dagelet interviews interesting residents in Zuid. The full interview is in Dutch, here is a short version in English: Having tea with world traveler, Thomas Tukker. “At a young age Thomas left his parents’ house and at 23[..]

Tribe of Movers – Mo(ve)ments

We gather around movement. We talk about movement. We move into movement. Nothing else steers our practice. As a tribe of movers we have people from all walks of life. Nobody is the same and no body is the same. The journey of everyone of our students is a personal one, but [..]

Movers Of Crazy Monkey – Mayank

He is super fast with computers and he needs to be, because he is a trader by occupation. Is always the first to answer and the last quit. Get into a game with him and you will undoubtedly get the full experience of what it means to play. Don’t confuse his kindness for[..]

Tribe Of Movers – A First Class Experience

“Be a beginner again.” You have discovered that you want to move more, but what can you expect in your first Movement class? You might feel like you need to be able to ‘do movement’ before you join. The reality is that who you are as a person and students is [..]

Tribe of Movers – A Sunday BBQ

“We won’t leave before we hit 20!” The tribe is growing. On a sunny day in May, a group of Crazy Monkeys came together. We ate good food. We had good talks and we played good games. [..]