Tribe Of Movers – A First Class Experience

“Be a beginner again.” You have discovered that you want to move more, but what can you expect in your first Movement class? You might feel like you need to be able to ‘do movement’ before you join. The reality is that who you are as a person and students is [..]

Tribe of Movers – A Sunday BBQ

“We won’t leave before we hit 20!” The tribe is growing. On a sunny day in May, a group of Crazy Monkeys came together. We ate good food. We had good talks and we played good games. [..]

Movers Of Crazy Monkey – Mayke

She is an amazing dancer. But not the type to brag about it. Always curious, always researching, always exploring. She transforms the floor into water, flowing freely through the sea of seemingly endless physical options. Never losing her ability to fully express herself onc[..]

Event – The Corset By Ido Portal

INSTRUCTION All events are led by the Ido Portal Team. Ido’s presence cannot be guaranteed in any occasion. Price €650 OTHERS We recommend packing your own lunch. Getting food at certain locations can be problematic. Make sure to bring with you: a roll of athletic tape, water bottle, watch/timer/stopwatch, notebook&pen and loose fitting clothes suitable […]

Movers of Crazy Monkey – Filipe

“Inspiration is for amateurs.” He followed his heart ‘Ana’, her gigantic cat, and their love for Movement to Amsterdam. Spends about 5 hours a day, if not more, on his Movement practice next to having a full-time job. Few people would survive a day, but that’s how Filipe has engineered his life. He is the […]

Movers Of Crazy Monkey – Ana

“I was always a dreamer.” She received a job opportunity and the choice to move from Lisbon to Amsterdam became easier when she discovered Crazy Monkey. Her morning dances and enthusiasm are part of the fabric that makes Crazy Monkey the place it is. Here is our short interview with the lovely Ana: What is […]

Movers Of Crazy Monkey – Nelson

“Only when you self-admit you have forgotten, do things start to make sense.” He came all the way from Miami and discovered that Amsterdam has its cold days. But amidst of all ice cold winds he found a place of warmth. A place to move, play and learn. Here our short interview with the patient […]

Event – Creative Movement Tools

WORKSHOP SCOPE Coordination – Develop neurological connections, expand movement complexity, and increase capacity for information management with a range of coordination drills using different parts of the body in varied relationships to each other.   Floor Work – Learn how to negotiate the ground – going in and out of the floor, gliding, rolling, melting […]