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Download and install the latest movement update into your body. As a new form of physical practice emerges through the Movement Culture, there are required shifts in perspective, tools, approach, vision, practicum,  ethics, behavior.


During the workshop we will explore, practice, discuss and re-position ourselves in relation to movement from as many angles as possible.

From our research playground and with emphasize on:

* Modularity of the body
* Creating a flexible Body Armor – Corset
* Problem solving & Kinetic Koans
* Improvisation – from closed to open
* Physical overload – in and out of alignment
* Embodiment / Presence / Focus / internal practice
* Movement organization and codification
* Approaches to Multi-Tasking

“As bodies disappear, unraveling into streams of data, make your last move”


18 hours spread over 3 days, 10:00AM – 18:00PM on both days with a lunch break scheduled at 13:00-15:00


All events are led by the Ido Portal Team. Ido’s presence cannot be guaranteed in any occasion.


€650 per participant and includes entry Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


We recommend packing your own lunch. Getting food at certain locations can be problematic.

Make sure to bring with you: a roll of athletic tape, water bottle, watch/timer/stopwatch, notebook&pen and loose fitting clothes suitable for movement.

Please don’t make a tight schedule before and after the event – Flights, important meetings etc. Event may continue beyond schedule time.

Attendance conditional upon NDA signing. No refunds will be provided – take note.


To register for this exciting event, please follow these steps carefully:

Step 1:
Send an email to info@crazymonkey.nl with the following information:

– full name
– mobile phone number
– adress and country

Step 2:
You will receive an email from us with further bank transfer instructions to complete your registration.

Step 3:
As soon as you have concluded STEP 1 AND STEP 2 – you are booked! We will send you a “Proof of Registration” email as soon as we have received your payment. We will immediately put a “fully booked” sign up on Facebook ( Ido Portal / Latest Rumors – Amsterdam ) when it is sold out, so there is no need to ask.

Step 4:
Read the small text. Carefully.
Here is the small text:
Please note that your space is in no way guaranteed until your payment has reached us. Please understand that the fee is 100% non- refundable. If you won ́t be able to attend, you are allowed to sell your space to someone else. (Just remember to notify us who the new participant is with their name and email address) All events are led by the Ido Portal Team.

Step 5:
Be excited and start preparing for your trip to Amsterdam!


Thomas and Team Crazy Monkey