In a nutshell: Crazy Monkey is where people transform their perspective on movement. It is an actual physical space, a beautiful studio situated in the heart of Amsterdam, in the Jordaan [Worth the visit!]. It is also an evolving practice that draws from a wide-ranging variety of disciplines to offer physical education for all ages and levels. As well as a vibrant community of movers spread around the world that explore movement together, challenging and learning from each other.

A good way to start is the Intro pass. After the 5 classes you will have a good introduction into the practice and the community. Of course, you can also start with the Membership right away, there are different options to choose from.

Yes, we have specific membership prices for students. Send us an email at info@crazymonkey.nl for more information about student rates.

Zero experience needed. We work with progressions and regressions for each exercise, so we can work on the same materials in a class with different levels from beginner to advanced.

We truly believe in the work we do and the benefits of it for each and every individual. But well, we should not be the ones to answer this question. You can pass by the studio, to have a sneak peak at one of our classes or to join one of our events and open days. You can always drop us an email with specific questions.

You can also ask our current students about their experience. To start, have a look at the community page with some testimonials.