Tribe Of Movers – Crazy Monkey Is Making Moves

"Breathe movement from the moment you enter the room."

The time has come, the Crazy Monkey Tribe is moving.

You know the reason why we are going to leave our old spot has to be a good one.

And it is!

It means you will get a bigger, better movement facility. One that will breathe movement from the moment you enter the room.

Does that sound good? Can you still find a tribe that will give you a warm welcome in our new facility? A tribe that will support you? Can you still hang, roll, and stand upside down?

What do you expect?

We are still Crazy Monkey Movement, but we are upgrading to version 2.0.

We are building a facility unlike any other, one in which every single atom serves your development as a practitioner, want to know why we are getting you excited?

"Every feature serves your practice."

The key features of our new facility:

We focus on space and an empty floor, every feature serves your practice.

That’s what steered the design of our new facility.

We put our attention into modularity and craftsmanship, everything evolves around your craft. 

Why these features?

It means you have space for whatever you exploring, investigating and researching that day.

It means you can walk in and find all the tools you need in designated areas, whether that’s: weights, tennis balls, sticks or another partner hanging around somewhere.

It means the room and the floor can be changed over time to serve different layers of the practice, such as: balancing, softacrobatics, fighting and more.

We are creating this space for you.


"The walls are meant to be dirtied."

What will the ‘feel’ of the new facility be like?

Picture yourself walking into a space with an empty floor, the walls are meant to be dirtied, there are students balancing on the beams right in front of you.

In the back of the room you see students waving their spine and standing upside down, somebody throws you a tennis ball to see if you are swift to react.

You catch it, smile, and are quickly met by one of the teachers who shows you around.

You reach our dressing room by brachiating to the back.

After changing you decide to stop and balance on a beam, just because you can’t help but ask yourself if that’s something you can do too.

To your surprise, you discover you actually aren’t that bad at it.

Your excitement has left you itching to start class and you are paired up with a regular student who takes you along for the journey.

The teacher yells: “Let’s get started.”

It’s time to move. Play. Learn.

Want to move at Crazy Monkey?

Join the tribe here >>>