Tribe Of Movers – Interview With Thomas

"He traveled around the world."

For magazine ZOZ – Zie Oud Zuid, Tatum Dagelet interviews interesting residents in Zuid. The full interview is in Dutch, here is a short version in English:

Having tea with world traveler, Thomas Tukker.

“At a young age Thomas left his parents’ house and at 23 he started traveling around the world. Working in different countries as a diving instructor and photographer, but he eventually returned to Amsterdam.

He studied yoga and meditation, which led him to the discovery of Movement: a movement methodology conceived by pioneer Ido Portal. Three years ago, Thomas Tukker created Crazy Monkey: the first Movement studio in Europe, located in the Beethovenstraat.”

"I didn't realise how important it would be in my life."

You have created a unique studio, what brought you to the idea?

“10 years ago I started with a daily yoga and meditation practice. I had different yoga teacher trainings, but I could never really find the answers I was looking for. The limitations within the yoga practice opened my eyes: Leading to the discovery of the Movement Culture by Ido Portal.

I was extremely impressed by the teaching method and the presented materials…exactly what I was looking for. It goes deeper than yoga and works on a completely different level, much more complete, I had never seen that anywhere else. I decided to put my teeth into it, trained six days a week two to three hours under the close guidance of Ido. At that moment I didn’t realise how important it would be in my life.

Three years ago I started Crazy Monkey: the first studio in Europe where classes are taught according to the Ido Portal Method. There are only eight schools world-wide.”

"Our dogma is 'Movement' in the broadest sense of the word."

You call it ‘Movement Culture’, what does it mean?

“Movement is closely connected to the culture that surrounds it, a lot of the moving is done together. Ido is our teacher and works closely with a small group of Mentorship students, I am one of those 27 students.

Spread over the year the Mentorship students practice with Ido for a series of intense weeks. And we share what we learn amongst our own students. I am starting in my third year as a Mentorship student.

At Crazy Monkey we view ourselves more as an educational facility, because we approach working with our body and teaching classes in a completely different way. Our dogma is ‘Movement’ in the broadest sense of the word, including the movement of ideas and thoughts, in which meditation plays a role for example. All ages and levels are mixed together. Sometimes you see a fourteen year old boy, a house mom and a olympic athlete in the same class. I think that’s something fantastic.

A few times a year we invite Ido in the Netherlands for a workshop that is accessible to everyone.”

Will you ever leave South (Area in Amsterdam)?

“Well…Crazy Monkey is moving to a bigger space in the Westerstraat.”

Ready to move?

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