Movers Of Crazy Monkey – Bruno

"Sometimes I forget how funny I am when I'm take myself seriously."

He is one of the few people who gets stronger in every second that passes in a horse stance.

Always on time for class.

Play a game with him and you will get the full experience of competition. A game with him never stops, except when you buy him a watermelon in which case he will accept your gesture as a sign of his victory.

His laugh will echo in the back of your head and his interesting mind will leave you with food for thought.

Here is our short interview with the ‘guy that will celebrate the next horse stance’, Bruno:

What is a crazy thing about you, that everyone should know?
The thing I find really crazy is that sometimes I still worry about what other people think, that sometimes I allow myself to spend the day without the best free keys we have as humans and that sometimes I forget how funny I am when I’m take myself seriously.

Can you tell something more about yourself or about your current occupation?
Yes. I realised that the money is the most important thing in life when you know how to use the best free keys we have: sleeping, relaxation and movement.

Accordingly, I’m living my purpose to spread the word about something I call ‘Business as spiritual path’. I believe that business is the ultimate riddle which is giving measurable and objective results.

There, I’m finding a lot of connections with the movement riddles which we’re solving on daily basis. By applying the three keys as foundation, business as testing field and confirmation, one is moving step by step towards the goal that is impossible to reach – understanding and enjoying human relations.

What got you into Movement and The Ido Portal Method? And how has your Movement journey been so far?
In Movement; Ido’s ability to conceptualise and inspire – as trigger point – and being part of the community and moving to Amsterdam to train on daily basis – as the experiential way and the way to understand the deeper layers.

I’m way better mover than I was one year ago and I’m way behind the potential I will keep to pursue.

Could your describe your experience at the Ido Portal Internship and European Movement meeting and how it has changed your practice?
Attending two EMMs and one 5-day internship in a one year time span were exceptional experiences, for sure. At the end, I would not live in Amsterdam, move in Crazy Monkey and have a bunch of new friends, experiences and opportunities if I hadn’t gone to the first EMM.

I would say that those are the door openers and that every day practice is a process of passing through those open doors.

Allow me to explain;

The atmosphere on those kind of occasions is pumped – you are encountering a huge number of new people, information, movements and concepts in a few days.

Although, that kind of (positive) stress can overwhelm the body and mind and cause a lot of resistance and frustration.

What is actually changing through that pressure are deep rooted thoughts, experiences, habits and tendencies, the every day effort which can’t be bought with money, seen on Instagram or come through the pure desire.

"I'm really happy when I can help someone to go over her/his limits."

What is your favourite quote or saying? 
“The best things in life are free, simple and applicable in the moment.”

What is your most memorable Crazy Monkey moment?
The one that is happening. Every day in Crazy Monkey is completely new experience for me and I’m not saying this as a cliché – it’s something I’m feeling and what is keeping me highly motivated to live in Amsterdam, come on daily basis and thrive.

If I need to be more specific, I’m really happy when I can help someone to go over her/his limits.

How is your Movement experience at Crazy Monkey and why?
If there is one thing I need to point that I learned in Crazy Monkey, it is: learning by doing. Keep coming, even if sometimes I feel tired, sad or frustrated.

A new Movement student walks through the door, what advice would you give and why?
You need to do, to apply, to experience, and the results will inevitably come. I promise.

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