Movers Of Crazy Monkey – Laura

"As a kid I used to play outside all the time."

She is of a special kind.

Going into the direction she fears the most. Always realising that there is a process and trusting that process. And when the challenge asks for it, she does not run, she remains.

When she came in, it was a different story, but now she is the first to raise her hand whenever we ask a student for a demonstration.

Transforming her fears into courage every time she walks into our class. Here is our short interview with the ‘courageous’ Laura:

What is a crazy thing about you, that everyone should know?
I’m probably missing some bones in my hands because I only have four knuckles on each hand (no pinky knuckles). I often use metaphors to understand life situations and I usually end up being a plant in these metaphors, or a dancer. So I guess that in a way I see myself as a dancing plant?

"Only do the things you cannot not do."

Can you tell something more about yourself or about your current occupation?
I work as a freelance web and graphic designer. I actually studied Sociology and then randomly did a three month course in graphic design. This course, turned out to have a huge impact on my life. The visual design skills got me certain jobs I otherwise probably wouldn’t have received. One thing led to another and I got to a point where people started trusting me with making their websites, flyers, logo’s. And they were happy with the results! I like to relate to people on a very personal level, so I have warm, human relationships with my clients and only work on projects I believe in.

I also have a part time job making breakfast in a small hotel, two-tree days a week – a nice change from sitting in front of my computer.

One of the best things about my work life is the freedom it gives me. I’ve got a very flexible schedule (I realise how special that is in a world where people spend so many hours in offices, factories, often doing work they don’t enjoy) and think of myself as a free-range human.

What got you into Movement and The Ido Portal Method? And how has your Movement journey been so far?
As a kid I used to play outside all the time. I remember hanging on bars, doing all kinds of tricks, jumping rope, running around. Growing up, I forgot about movement, it also wasn’t really in the culture. During university I would go to aerobics classes which I loved and also started running, but what really got me into movement was meeting Contact Improvisation.

Contact Improv is a dance form where you share weight with your dance partners. It requires a lot of presence, listening through your skin, being in the body. You can’t think your way through a contact improv dance. In fact, thinking is usually what gets in the way. I started going to classes, weekend workshops and festivals, where I learned more and more about movement and dance. At the beginning it was very challenging, but I experienced a few moments of flow which motivated me again and again to get out of my comfort zone.

Then I also started going to a gym and to yoga classes, with the goal to get stronger and more flexible, in order to have more possibilities in the dance.

Since going to Crazy Monkey and training almost every day, my CI practice has sky-rocketed. I am much more stable on my feet, more grounded, more balanced, stronger, more flexible, and all in all much more aware of my body. Plus I’ve learned lots of cool new moves.

What is your favourite quote or saying? 
“Trees take a long time to grow”, has been a reminder that things take time, that I shouldn’t expect results from one day to the next. Instead, I try to have a long-term view, allowing time for whatever it is I’m working towards.

A principle I’m using a lot now is ‘only do the things you cannot not do’. I can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the range of possibilities that life lays before me. There are lots of things I’m interested in, but I found there are some things I can live without doing (like drawing more or playing guitar) and some things that I just have to do (like movement or spending time in nature). So I try to stick to the must-s, and let go of the half yes-s. Less is more.

"Let it transform you into the mover you were born to be."

What is your most memorable Crazy Monkey moment?
I think one of my biggest challenges is the handstand, I am still very afraid to kick up, even when I’m next to a wall. A couple of weeks ago I did my normal half-kick-up and a teacher helped my legs all the way up to the wall. Then I stayed in a handstand for maybe twenty seconds. When I came down, Ymke (a fellow monkey student) started cheering for me. Her eyes were shining and she and the teacher both congratulated me on this step. Objectively, it’s a really small achievement, but for me it was huge and they both saw that. I felt very touched by their encouragement and by the sense of community. Then I did my best to keep the happy tears in.

How has being a student at Crazy Monkey influenced you and why?
I love Crazy Monkey and am so grateful for it in my life, I feel it nourishes me on many levels. The actual physical practice is often challenging, which makes it the more satisfying to see progress.

I am passionate about movement and the possibility to train every day with like-minded people is a privilege. It’s very inspiring to be surrounded by movers and there’s a warm feeling of tribe at CM, where we’re all learning together and supporting each other. Belonging, growing, facing challenges and overcoming them, putting in hard work and getting results and having fun all along the way. Magic!

A new Movement student walks through the door, what advice would you give and why?
Us human beings like to be good at things, to succeed, and dislike struggling, so we end up doing more of whatever we’re good at. The Ido Portal method is so wide that there will definitely be things that will be challenging for you. I haven’t seen anyone yet who is naturally good at everything we’re doing. I advise you to embrace them all, enjoy it when it’s fun, suck it up when it’s hard, do the work and let it transform you into the mover you were born to be.

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