Tribe Of Movers – Ziggo Tv Nienke Plas

"I really liked it. I definitely want to do it more."

For Ziggo Tv, Nienke Plas visited the Crazy Monkey Studio.

Although she started out with a healthy dose of scepticism, she quickly realised that Movement was unlike anything she had done before.

Working and exploring some of the layers of the practice such as: coordination, strength, equilibre and more.

She ends the interview with saying that she really liked the experience and would like to do it more in the future.

The short clip below will give you a ‘glimpse into what we do during a class’, but classes can be very different from each other depending on what elements we decide to explore.

"You can enter our classes at any level."

Nienke her experience demonstrates that you can enter our classes at any level.

We work with each student on an individual basis and customise whatever we are working on to your specific level.

That way you can still work on an element, without getting discouraged.

It will still be challenging in the right way. It will still be confusing at times. It will still be a small hop in the deep every now and then. That’s the nature of the learning process.

Are you a beginner and wondering whether or not you are ready to start the practice?

You came to the right place.

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