introduction offer

"For me this place opened an internal door for growth and I am not done with growing anytime soon!" Joppe van der Linde

Why 5 classes?

When you start at Crazy Monkey you will be introduced to many different themes of the movement practice. You might walk into a class that is a lot about playfulness and expression, while in another class you will work on gymnastics strength or developing a handstand. To have a mentality and body that can adapt in different situations is one of the cornerstones of this practice, and we can only really develop that is by bringing some unpredictability into the classes. This makes it impossible to draw any real conclusions after a single class. That is why we invite people to start with a minimum of 5 classes. 

Besides the idea of adaptability, 5 classes are just right to get to know the fantastic community that we have at Crazy Monkey. 


Use this promo code to buy the introduction pass for €55,- instead of €67,50. 2ZFBD7ACU9FUK5