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An investigation into the principles of human movement. Learn how movement practice can improve your relationship with your own body and the world around you.

Handstand & Mobility

Learn a freestanding handstand, shapes and develop high level mobility through drills and exercises from the worlds of gymnastics and circus.

Strength & Conditioning

Dive into the world of gymnastics strength and weightlifting to build resiliency and strength. 

Crazy Monkey was created to offer a unique space in Amsterdam where
individuals can be stimulated by a high-quality practice while being supported by a passionate community. We are constantly striving to provide the most optimal atmosphere imaginable for people’s mental and physical growth.

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"Crazy Monkey is my favorite playground and therefore happy place in Amsterdam. Exploring what my body is capable of under the guidance of awesome coaches who happen to be really nice people as well. I love the space and the people coming in to train. I try, explore, stumble, fall, and try again without even noticing 2 hrs have already passed and with a constant smile on my face."
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"Crazy Monkey is where through process i truly experience progress both physically and mentally. And the value this has is huge. It has become my place for being curious, trying and sensing, and building friendships."
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"I have been training at Crazy Monkey for more than 5 years. I love the community and the practice. The approach is unique and never gets boring, accessible to all, as much for the body as for the brain, and the vibe is super friendly. A great practice to improve your body as a system, learn new skills, and a good base for any other activity."

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“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today” 

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When you start at Crazy Monkey, you will be introduced to many different themes of the movement practice. One class might be about playfulness, while another is all about strength and handstands. One of the cornerstones of this practice is having a mentality and body that can adapt to different situations. Only by introducing some unpredictability into the classes can we truly develop that. This makes drawing any meaningful conclusions from a single class impossible. That is why we encourage people to begin with at least five classes.

Five classes are ideal for getting to know the wonderful Crazy Monkey practice and community.

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