Movers Of Crazy Monkey – Mayank

"There are no moderates."

He is super fast with computers and he needs to be, because he is a trader by occupation.

Is always the first to answer and the last quit.

Get into a game with him and you will undoubtedly get the full experience of what it means to play.

Don’t confuse his kindness for weakness.

Here is our short interview with the ‘Tarzan from Delhi’, Mayank:

What is a weird thing about you, that everyone should know?
Anybody who knows me can actually get this one easy, my brain process only binary signals, like a 1970s computer. There are no moderates, either I get into something, or I am completely out of it.

I guess I never learnt the word ‘moderation’ in my growing years.

Can you tell something more about yourself or about your current occupation?
I am an extroverted introvert from India’s heart, Delhi, that works with an asset manager, moving couple of hundred million euros across financial markets. It’s hard for me to be still and I am always moving, even though I have forgotten how to move.

What got you into Movement and The Ido Portal Method? And how has your Movement journey been so far?
My New Years resolution was to be ‘Tarzan’, my action plan was to leave everything and go to the jungle and be an ape man. One day I happened to walk by the studio, I randomly entered and tried a class. While doing the ape walk, it struck that this is what I was looking for. So now, I can move my body, and capital across markets concurrently!

"Never too late to learn."

What is your favourite quote or saying? Why?
‘Never too late to learn’, I appreciate an eager thirst for learning. The least someone may get out of any experience is a lesson.

Also, a phrase that I use a lot is ‘I can’t do it, YET’ because that’s the moment when I get into the hustle of getting it done

How is your Movement experience at Crazy Monkey and why?
Crazy Monkey has metamorphosed my behaviour, I am much calmer these days, even a gruesome day at work can’t make me lose my temper now. #AchievementUnlocked

It’s a matter of pride to be a part of the crazy monkey tribe, you get to learn a lot from the surroundings, other monkeys are really selfless and fun to be with.

It’s one of a kind experience!

A new Movement student walks through the door, what advice would you give and why?
Just keep coming, that’s about it. You’d end up discovering a lot.

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