Movers Of Crazy Monkey – Mayke

"Let the magic happen."

She is an amazing dancer.

But not the type to brag about it.

Always curious, always researching, always exploring.

She transforms the floor into water, flowing freely through the sea of seemingly endless physical options.

Never losing her ability to fully express herself once her sail has been set to the shores of the unknown.

Here is our short interview with the ‘dancing adventurer’, Mayke:

What is a weird thing about you, that everyone should know?
Probably the answer will be a combination of a few things. In my sparetime I am reading a book about neuroplasticity, that is telling me how important it is to use your whole body (use it or lose it).

When I am at my side-job I teach myself how to write with my left hand, I believe learning new things keeps the mind fresh. That’s why I also do a lot of coordination exercises with my hands and fingers. I become addicted when I am learning something new and a nerd when I have to do an exam, a test, or a competition.

The last thing is maybe how sailing and dancing complement eachother. Sailing in Friesland makes me feel calm and dancing around the world makes me feel the adventurer.

Can you tell something more about yourself or about your current occupation?
I am a freelance dancer and choreographer. This means that I dance in projects of a choreographer or that I create my own choreography with a group of dancers. At this moment I work for several different choreographers.

The new creations we will probably perform at festivals or in theatres. Every week/month is different! I enjoy a lot to dance in different kind of pieces, it gives me a lot of freedom because I can become different kind of personalities.

When I create my own choreography I would describe the material as rough, detailed and circulair.

What got you into Movement and The Ido Portal Method? And how has your Movement journey been so far?
When I was eleven years old I started with dancing, since that moment I knew that I wanted to become a professional dancer. After High school I moved from a village in Friesland to Amsterdam. I was accepted for the Urban Contemporary Dance Department at the Amsterdam University of Arts.

Since the academy I have been searching for new movement styles. I joined several different dance intensives/masterclasses in the Netherlands and abroad to discover and experience new ways of moving.

During one of these dance intensives, the teacher referred several times to Ido Portal. It made me curious and I did some research about what he is doing.

Not so long after this intensive I saw by accident on Facebook the Open Day event of Crazy Monkey from that moment I was in.

"Be patient..."

What is your favourite quote or saying? Why?
There are two quotes which inspires me already a few years.

These quotes remind me to calm down or to encourage me to do new things that are out of my comfort:

“Change is the only constant” (verandering is de enige constante)

“I decided I could do anything” (Ik besloot dat ik alles kon – Loesje).

How is your Movement experience at Crazy Monkey and why?
I am super happy that I found Crazy Monkey! The classes are very challenging and I feel new things that are happening in my body, I have become more strong and flexible.

Also to feel sometimes stupid is bringing me in the right perspective to motivate me to go further.

The great atmosphere and the endless amount of new exercises makes it a great place for me!

A new Movement student walks through the door, what advice would you give and why?
Be patient, don’t cheat and let the magic happen.

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