“Movement Culture covers everything we know about human movement: breathing, fighting, dancing, sitting, strolling around the supermarket in the morning.” – Red Bull Interview with Ido Portal

The concepts, tools and philosophy that we teach at Crazy Monkey Movement come from our teacher Ido Portal. His continuous work is the catalyst for our practice. We distinguish ourselves from the traditional world of fitness where physical aesthetics are rewarded before function. Instead we strive to create the conditions for opening new doors to forgotten aspects of movement capacity and freeing opportunities for improvisation and play. 

“There is no wrong movement. There is lack of preparation and lack of awareness.” – Ido Portal

We are interested in the process rather than skills, orientating our learning process towards what we are not good at, rather than only pursuing things we like. We do not specialise in any particular discipline, we develop as general movement practitioners. We are working towards movement complexity.

We bring the tools and principles from our practice to our daily life. Movement education changes the mindset, self-discipline, observation and awareness. We prepare not only for controlled and organised movement, but also for the unpredictable scenarios in movement and in life.

Why should people have a movement practice?

“On a very deep philosophical, very basic level, movement is all there is. Everything that you experience is a form of movement… Basically, if I need to describe what I am, I’m some kind of a movement. I know that there is a part of me which is still, [and there’s a] part that moves.” – Read GQ Interview with Ido Portal