Starting your Crazy Monkey Practice means diving into a deep well of knowledge and experience, which is the result from many years of studying with world class teachers in movement, different sports, physical disciplines and arts.

Crazy Monkey Practice

Movement is the best tool if you want to develop your brain, body and awareness. Ultimately, our brain has evolved the way it did in order to control movement better, not for cognitive reasons. This premise is the foundation on which the Crazy Monkey Practice is built. Leveraging concepts from different movement fields and science about the brain and body, we’ve created a holistic program, customizable for any level, through which we can develop ourselves as human beings.

A tailor-made lifelong learning process. Whether you want to be able to play with your (grand)children in the park on a sunny afternoon, hit a 60 seconds handstand or just move with a thrilling community and atmosphere in the heart of Amsterdam, the movement practice at Crazy Monkey is the right place. Our practice provides you the tools and a process to stay strong, mobile and learn new things for the rest of your life.

Are you ready for a completely different experience that will transform the way you relate with your body and mind? To develop the full capacity of your body in a structured yet playful manner? You know just where to find us! 


Main focus areas


Having a strong body is one of the best predictors of longevity. For us, developing strength is also essential to build resiliency and stay away from injuries as we are exploring the possibilities of moving. A combination of gymnastics strength training and training philosophies from the likes of Charles Poliquin, Ed Coan, Matt Wenning, Philip Chubb and Ido Portal, makes the most cutting edge strength program in the city.


The hand balancing practice has a lot of different layers. Of course it is about finding balance, but also about overcoming fears, dealing with frustration, being patient while trusting a long-term process… This process can bring much more than nice Instagram pictures to your feed, as the path will encourage you to explore your own strategies to cope with challenges. 


A safe and solid process for developing mobility for people of all ages. Mobility at Crazy Monkey is about creating strength in the end range of motion. What does that actually mean? Being aware of what your body can and can’t do (yet!), and finding the most suitable path to enlarge your comfort zone.

Object manipulation

A whole array of tasks that involve objects to develop attributes like hand-eye coordination, foot-eye coordination, quickness, footwork, balance and more. Expect to be confused! And to gain an entire set of skills to be more aware and relate to your surroundings at all times. Side effects can include great reflexes, movement precision and serenity under pressure. 

Environmental practice

Jumping, landing, running, hanging and swinging. In this section of the practice, students are introduced to a new way to interact with the environment. Hanging and swinging is an excellent way to develop strong and mobile shoulders as well as a strong grip. Did you know that some research suggests that grip strength is a predictor of overall mortality in middle-aged and older adults?


Learning to use the floor as a platform for expression and exploration of movement patterns, possibilities and dynamics. We do this through practicing Soft Acrobatics and Locomotion. Make the floor your best friend and you will find a tool to move anywhere you go.  

Tactical work

People have been trying to figure out how to outsmart their opponent in tactical games for ages. From Miyamoto Mushashi to Pep Guardiola. In this section we’re searching for principles in the world of tactics through games and partner work.


We spend much of our time captured by thought and distracted by stimuli from our environment. The stillness part of the practice is about stopping movement and intentionally directing our attention, so we can practice being focused and spend our valuable time being less distracted.

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