Movement practice at Crazy Monkey is led by Thomas Tukker – he is one of the small group of 26 Mentorship Students closely following Ido Portal, meeting and practicing together throughout the year. We do not follow any other teachings or methods.

Currently we teach two types of classes: 2 hours Movement Class and 90 min Movement Prep class.

In “Movement class” we zoom into different subjects and concepts of movement. floor work, partner work, object manipulation, improvisation and somatic practice are among some of the topics. We install different principles and movement patterns into our students.

“Movement prep” is the body work class. We strengthen, prepare, mobilize, stabilize the body for movement using Ido’s protocols.

Self-practice hours are for students who regularly attend classes and wish to practice the materials on their own.

With all new students we start with a 10-class introduction program.

We do not offer single experiences, movement impressions or trials. To understand what we do and what this practice has to offer, you need to expose yourself to multiple layers over a period of time. 10 classes is an opportunity to expose yourself to our practice and to get to know our group.

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