Tribe Of Movers – A First Class Experience

“Be a beginner again.”

You have discovered that you want to move more, but what can you expect in your first Movement class?

You might feel like you need to be able to ‘do movement’ before you join. The reality is that who you are as a person and students is more important to our practice than what you can already do.

We appreciate your concern, but this practice is for everyone who is willing to be a beginner again and has a body in which this learning process can occur. So what can you expect from a first experience in a Crazy Monkey Movement class?

“To understand what it is we really do, you have to experience it.”

You really want to know what it is we do?

Bring your body and a beginner’s mind. Trust the process and understand it’s not about what you want to learn, it’s about what the teacher wants to teach you.

The Movement practice is a living one and becomes alive within a tribe. You cannot do it alone and the crazy thing?

You don’t need to, but to understand you need to do.

Want to become part of a tribe of movers?

Join the tribe and experience your first class >>>