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“Movement is big. Bigger than any specific movement discipline and it contains within it HUGE ‘worlds’ like the world of fitness, dance, martial arts, strength, flexibility, circus and more. Specializing is great – but beyond our specialties – we are all HUMAN first, MOVERS second and only then SPECIALISTS.” — Ido Portal

The concepts, tools and philosophy that we teach at Crazy Monkey Movement come from Ido Portal. His continuous work is the catalyst for our practice. We distinguish ourselves from the traditional world of fitness where physical aesthetics are rewarded before function. Instead we strive to create the conditions for opening new doors to forgotten aspects of movement capacity and freeing opportunities for improvisation and play.

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Crazy Monkey is an internationally known Movement facility in Amsterdam offering education based upon the Ido Portal Method. In order to facilitate our tribe we have created an online journey for beginners through our ‘Tribepush application’. You can participate in any of our online Movement challenges whether you are a beginning practitioner or an advanced one. Our students come from all walks of life and now you can connect, learn and become one of them.



Our approach combines, among other things, strength, mobility, dance, martial arts, gymnastics and acrobatics and a process where we pick you up at the level you are standing right now. The method we use is well proven and has more than one hundred times proven to be effective for adult human development. We crawl, lift, climb, hang, turn and twist, find ourselves up and down, stretching boundaries and opening the body to more freedom. From you we expect you to take complete responsibility for your own body, examine, ponder and finally ask questions to enable the best possible experience for you.

About our study program

Event – Juggernaut by Ido Portal

JUGGERNAUT Can the skill-set of a fighter, dancer, athlete and acrobat exist in the same body? What are the re-occurring principles and concepts in such fields of practice? How do we evolve a non hierarchical yet organised practice that involves more human movement? WORKSHOP SCOPE: This workshop will provide exploration of these subjects through the […]

Event – Latest Rumors by Ido Portal

LATEST RUMORS Download and install the latest movement update into your body. As a new form of physical practice emerges through the Movement Culture, there are required shifts in perspective, tools, approach, vision, practicum,  ethics, behavior. WORKSHOP SCOPE: During the workshop we will explore, practice, discuss and re-position ourselves in relation to movement from as many […]
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